It’s been five years since I adopted Ali from a local cat rescue. She was found with a litter of five kittens and was only about six months old herself. She settled straight in and this early photo of her a few days later is still one of my favourites.

Made it to the end of Westworld Season 4 and while it seems they’re setting up for a possible S5 I think I’m done. I struggled to stay engaged this season. The twists and turns, the reveals, the plot lines, that kept me engaged in S1-2 waned in S3 and were a poor shadow in S4. 📺

I’ve reached that point in my holidays where I have to check what day of the week it is. Good place to be.

A beautiful day to fly 🛫

A Virgin Australia plane on the tarmac. 'Virgin' painted in red on the tail. A clear blue sky in the background.A photo taken from the front boarding door of a Virgin Australia plane. The photo looks back along the body of the plane towards the tail and rear door. A clear blue sky in the background.

My brother’s dog, Tilly, is a gorgeous girl. She’s getting old now though and deaf as a post. She needs to see you to know you’re there but then she comes hustling over for lots of pats and rubs.

A perfect 21°c winter afternoon for a walk along the river then relaxing on my balcony with a beer in the late afternoon sun. These are both activities that are good for my mental health.

A grassed sloped area with several tall trees and the Brisbane river at the bottom of the slope. A brilliant blue sky in the upper third of the photo.

I had a list of things to do today but that plan has hit a slight snag in the shape of a cat.

A black and white cat asleep on a man’s lap with their head resting on a black and white chequered pillow. One paw is visible, tucked under the body. The man has a blue shirt and old jeans on.A close up of the head of a black and white cat resting on a black and white chequered pillow.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This thought from 13 years ago is remarkably similar to one I had a few weeks ago that resulted in me booking leave.

A very old friend, we met 35 years ago, came home this week after living through the last two years of Covid in Singapore. It’s the longest we’ve not seen each other in person and despite a weekly FaceTime it was just wonderful to have them stand in front of me.

It really brought home for me how the closed borders and forced separations from family, the expensive or cancelled plane flights, all the associated uncertainty, has impacted and how many were traumatised by it or are still living it.

Almost everything ticked off on the day off list:

Slow start - cups of tea & cat on lap ✅

Thor: Love and Thunder ✅ 7.5/10

Booster 4 ✅

Roast lamb with rosemary & garlic in oven ✅

Delicious aromas filling apartment ✅✅✅

Only Murders in the Building - pending