Using Focus, I’ve set up my iPhone to change home screens at night. Now the cat is giving me a look of disapproval for using my phone. 🐈

A little stop at the local craft brewery at the end of my afternoon walk. It’s all about a balanced life.

A schooner of beer in front of stainless steel brewing vats. The wall in the background says PARCHED (extremely thirsty).

I am simply incapable of walking past a stationery store without browsing to see if there is something I need. Unsurprisingly, there usually is.

I stumbled across Zetta Florence in Melbourne last Friday and wandered out with a new port red coloured notebook and a fountain pen.

Found a nice little spot to have coffee and listen to some music.

There was dinner and now a show.

I just flew from Brisbane to Melbourne, Australia. I love to fly and one of my great joys is travelling by air. The people watching at the airport, being up among the clouds, the adventure of going somewhere.

However, I’m increasingly wondering how much more I should do given the environmental impact.

If only Australia had reasonably priced high speed rail to traverse its vast distances. We have rail, but it’s neither high speed or value for money/time compared to plane travel.

It’s been five years since I adopted Ali from a local cat rescue. She was found with a litter of five kittens and was only about six months old herself. She settled straight in and this early photo of her a few days later is still one of my favourites.

Made it to the end of Westworld Season 4 and while it seems they’re setting up for a possible S5 I think I’m done. I struggled to stay engaged this season. The twists and turns, the reveals, the plot lines, that kept me engaged in S1-2 waned in S3 and were a poor shadow in S4. 📺

I’ve reached that point in my holidays where I have to check what day of the week it is. Good place to be.

A beautiful day to fly 🛫

A Virgin Australia plane on the tarmac. 'Virgin' painted in red on the tail. A clear blue sky in the background.A photo taken from the front boarding door of a Virgin Australia plane. The photo looks back along the body of the plane towards the tail and rear door. A clear blue sky in the background.