The cat giving me her please don’t follow me around singing face moments before going to hide in the bedroom. 🐈

The best part of it being July is that I can start saying “I go on holidays at the end of the month”.

I find it important for my mental health to always have a break planned. The length, a few days or a few weeks, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s there to look forward to.

In the Brisbane floods at the end of February, the basement carpark filled with water and the lift was damaged. It’s been four months of up and down the fire stairs, 97 steps from ground to my apartment on the fifth floor. The lift was to be back yesterday but it didn’t happen 😭

My stickers arrived!! Thank you @jean 🤩

One of those days where I’ve decided that I’m making pizza for dinner because I can, and it will have both pineapple and many anchovies. It might be a deeply divisive statement to make but sometimes you just need to stand up for what you believe in. 🍕

Project managers often appear incapable of admitting that things are not going well and always want to put the best spin on things. Amazing how saying the magic word - showstopper - during user acceptance testing tends to focus them and finally deliver the attention needed.

“Should have bought me a hammock”.

Not content with slowing clawing the chair to pieces the cat has been making the underneath a little hiding spot. This is why I think of it as the ‘sacrificial chair’.

My Saturday was lunch at a favourite Italian, a show and then a few drinks. Sometimes you just need to ignore the trouble and strife in the world and be thankful you can indulge in the simple pleasures.

Recently I’ve been using my iPhone without a case. The design and colour really is lovely to look at and shouldn’t be hidden away. The one thing that keeps bugging me is the way it doesn’t sit flat thanks to the camera. It just seems wrong. Function versus design, function won.

We’ve been asked to put up new nameplates with a photo you like and also a spot for “a fun fact or a special quote that has meaning for you”.

I talk about the cat enough at work that she had to be in the photo and I also included my special quote.