@frostedechoes I was on the hunt recently for a new monitor for the same purpose as you, something that I could connect both a personal and work device to. I ended up getting an LG 27UL500 4K. It's marketed as a gaming monitor but I have it connected to my Mac Mini (HDMI) and my work Surface Laptop (DisplayPort). Flipping between the two connections is easy with the little toggle built into the underside. My only complaint is that it doesn't sit very high, Dell have much better adjustable stands, but a monitor stand solved the height issue.

@keithpound @burk Fastmail has been recommended by a few people and I did look into it a few weeks ago. The biggest sticking point in wanting to get away from google is that I have a legacy google apps account so hosting my domain and email is free.

@Burk I’ve been using the app for a little while now and it’s very nice. I prefer it to gmail in a browser on my Mac. I’m trying to move myself away from all things Google but email is the one thing I haven’t found a decent replacement for and apps like this make it even harder!

@pimoore this is a neat minimal setup. I’m always interested to see what others do with their Home Screen. I’ve been a big fan of folders for grouping apps but leaning more towards using widgets and workspaces a bit more.

@bsag so sorry for your loss. This is a wonderful tribute to her and it sounds like she lived the best life with a lot of love shared.